The Secret Room

Welcome to the Secret Room! This room is chock-full of bonus content available exclusively to members of my Newsletter List. It’s my way of thanking you for your enthusiasm for my books. Here you’ll find freebies such as bookmarks, autographed bookplates, maps, patterns and recipes, in addition to fun games and puzzles based on my books. This is also where you’ll enter most of my contests. (By being a member of my Newsletter List, you’re automatically entered for my monthly book giveaway, so be sure to read each of my newsletters all the way to the end so you can claim your free book if you win.)

Enjoy exploring the Secret Room, Bibliophile!


To thank my mystery fans for your enthusiasm for my books, every month I’ll choose a random member of my mailing list to receive an autographed Kate Carlisle book of his or her choice. But the trick is, you have to open my emails to see if you won so you can claim the prize before the deadline. I’ll also hold additional contests from time to time with fun prizes, such as:

  • Books (of course!)—by me, and by other mystery authors I love
  • Goodies inspired by the books, like bibliophile wedding favors from Brooklyn & Derek’s wedding
  • Fixer-Upper Mystery pink measuring tapes
  • More fun stuff thought up just for you!

More Fun & Games

Match the Book to the Bibliophile

I took a picture of many of the books that Brooklyn has worked on in the Bibliophile Mystery series, and your task is to figure out which rare book was featured in which Bibliophile Mystery.
Solve it now!

The Grim Reader Crossword Puzzle

Every answer in this puzzle can be found in the description of The Grim Reader on this page. (Please note: the description on bookseller websites is a tiny bit different; one of the words on my website doesn’t appear on bookseller descriptions. A fact we didn’t realize until after the crossword was created. If you’re curious, have a look at the description at the link above and then the one at your favorite bookseller website to see if you can find the difference.) You can print the PDF, or if you’d like to complete the puzzle online, click here. Time yourself to see how fast you can complete it, then check your answers here.

Books of a Feather Scavenger Hunt

While you’re reading Books of a Feather, see if you can find all of the sneaky bird references Kate worked into the story.
Download the answers here



If you’d like to receive an autographed bookplate, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below. Include a note stating whether you’d like a Bibliophile Mystery bookplate, a Fixer-Upper Mystery bookplate, or one of each.

Kate Carlisle – Bookplate
PO Box 594
Georgetown, TX 78627

Bibliophile/Fixer-Upper Mysteries Bookmark

If you’d like a free bookmark featuring the Bibliophile Mysteries on one side and the Fixer-Upper Mysteries on the other, send a self-addressed, stamped business-sized envelope* to:

Kate Carlisle – Bookmark
PO Box 594
Georgetown, TX 78627

*Note: If the envelope you send is smaller than business-sized, we’ll have to fold the bookmark in order to mail it to you.

Downloadable Freebies

Bibliophile Wreath

Bibliophile Ornaments

Brooklyn’s SF Map

Lighthouse Cove Map

Dharma Map

Newspaper Box Pattern

Fixer-Upper Checklist

Family Trees

Ornament Gift Box Pattern

This Ornament Gift Box is a perfect paper project for beginners and can be sized according to your needs. It looks lovely on a Christmas tree or leaning up against other presents. It works best with sturdy card stock, though high-quality wrapping paper can also work.
Download PDF

Quilt Pattern

This Bibliophile Table Runner was inspired by both the Bibliophile Mysteries and by the Fixer-Upper Mysteries, because of Marigold’s quilt shop in Lighthouse Cove, California. It’s a quick and easy pattern that’s great for beginning quilters and for those more experienced. If you make it, I’d love for you to send a picture to me at kate@katecarlisle.com!
Download a PDF


Don’t be nervous! I might not be much of a cook, but these recipes are so foolproof, even I can make them! 

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