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The Bibliophile Mysteries

Pre-eminent bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright brings rare books back from the brink of death in her San Francisco workshop. Unfortunately for Brooklyn, many of the fine books she restores are linked to modern murder, which she feels compelled to investigate with the help of her beau, British security expert Derek Stone. The Bibliophile Mysteries include a quirky supporting cast of characters, from Brooklyn's Deadhead parents and their neighbors in the commune of Dharma, California, to lesbian chainsaw artist neighbors. Scroll down to meet Brooklyn's friends and family.

Brooklyn's World

Welcome! Kick back, relax, and explore Brooklyn's world. Click on the interactive map of San Francisco to take a tour of Brooklyn's favorite spots in the City by the Bay—and the crime scenes where she discovered the unlucky murder victims in the Bibliophile Mysteries. In addition to seeing where Brooklyn and her friends live, eat, and shop, you'll find the location of her favorite fictional library, which first appeared in Homicide in Hardcover, and the real-life book arts center that inspired the fictional Bay Area Book Arts in The Lies that Bind. The interactive map was created earlier in the series. In the Secret Room, you'll find an updated map of Brooklyn's San Francisco, which you can get for free either by download (electronic) or in the mail (printed).

You can also explore Brooklyn's favorite wine country destination—her hometown of Dharma, the commune where her parents and several siblings still live, and where all of the action in Ripped from the Pages takes place. Get a look at Jim and Becky's quirky house, Guru Bob's Victorian mansion, sister Savannah's restaurant Arugula, and more. Click the picture to enlarge it.

brooklyn's world
Brooklyn's San Francisco

brooklyn's dharma
Brooklyn's Dharma

The inside info on Brooklyn, her friends and family


Brooklyn Wainwright—She's on the tall side (Brooklyn would say she's still in her gawky stage), blond, and a self-described book geek. She's more comfortable in Birkenstocks than Blahniks, but she cleans up well when necessary. A master bookbinder specializing in rare book restoration, Brooklyn has taught book art at universities in New York, Iowa, Texas, and Institut d'histoire du livre in Lyon, France. Locally, she has taught at Bay Area Book Arts Center and Sonoma Institute of the Arts. While her focus is in restoration, Brooklyn is certified in book arts, conservation and authentication. Her bindings have won international acclaim, including Grand Prize in the prestigious Lawton-McNamara Contest. She has an MFA in Book Arts and a MS in Archives and Preservation.

Brooklyn   Brooklyn

Derek Stone—British security agent, ex-Commander in the Royal Navy and Intelligence officer working for MI6, Derek is tall, dark, dangerous and hunky (think James Bond, only more dashing). He owns his own security firm and meets Brooklyn while heading the security detail for an exhibit of priceless rare books, including a legendary cursed copy of Goethe's FAUST, at the Covington Library. He discovers Brooklyn kneeling over the murder victim, her hands covered in blood, and his deep suspicion leads to powerful attraction.

Visit the Secret Room to get Brooklyn's and Derek's family trees.

Brooklyn   Brooklyn

Robin Tully—Brooklyn's best friend, they grew up together in the Sonoma commune. Robin is a talented sculptor and also runs a tour service that specializes in exploring mystical, magical and miraculous places around the world. Robin is petite, dark-haired and loves to party, making her the diametrical opposite of her BFF Brooklyn. In Murder Under Cover, Robin's world is rocked by a chance encounter with an attractive man.

Brooklyn   Brooklyn

Jim and Becky Wainwright—Brooklyn's mom and dad are former Deadheads who met in the tie-dye booth at a Grateful Dead concert at the Ventura Fairgrounds in 1972. With a wife and family, Jim returned to corporate America, but wasn't happy until he and Becky packed up their six kids and followed their favorite guru to a commune in Sonoma where they formed the Fellowship for Spiritual Enlightenment and Artistic Consciousness. The commune members built homes, planted vineyards, made wine and grew rich. These days, Dad works his magic with wine and Mom has channeled her new age sensibilities into all things Wiccan.


Meg and John Stone—Brooklyn first meets Derek's parents (her future in-laws) in Once Upon a Spine. Meg and John defy her expectations in every way. When Meg meets Brooklyn's mom, the two women develop an instant friendship that spells instant trouble for Brooklyn and her beau.

Guru Bob—otherwise known as Avatar Robson Benedict, Guru Bob is the benevolent, mysterious, highly-evolved being and spiritual head of the Fellowship for Spiritual Enlightenment and Artistic Consciousness in Sonoma.

Gabriel—The gorgeous, mysterious stranger who occasionally shows up out of the blue to rescue Brooklyn—and others—from danger. Brooklyn first met Gabriel in Homicide in Hardcover when he saved her life in a noodle shop on Fillmore Street. Was it coincidence, kismet, or part of a larger plan? Is he a thief or a hero? Perhaps a bit of both, but he's so dashing that most women can't resist his charms.

Ian McCullough—Head Curator of the Covington Library and an old college friend of Brooklyn's brother Austin—and Brooklyn's ex-fiancé.

Minka LaBoeuf—Brooklyn's nemesis. She competes with Brooklyn for everything and flatters herself that she's an accomplished bookbinder. But she's not. As Brooklyn would say, Minka is like the bubonic plague to books.

Vinnie (Vinamra) Patel and Suzie Stein—Brooklyn's favorite neighbors, Vinnie and Suzie are burl wood artists—or lesbians with chainsaws, as they like to call themselves. Because the neighbors work in their loft, they like to go out to dinner every night and love bringing home leftovers for their favorite neighbor, Brooklyn. Brooklyn reciprocates by playing the occasional cat sitter for their two beloved felines, Pookie and Splinters. In Peril in Paperback, Vinnie and Suzie welcome a wonderful new member to their family.

Jeremy and Sergio—Brooklyn's fun neighbors in the building, Jeremy is a hairdresser and performance artist and Sergio is a top chef in town. In The Book Stops Here, Jeremy and Sergio have moved to St. Tropez for a year, subletting their loft apartment.

Alexandra Monroe—Brooklyn's new neighbor, subletting Sergio and Jeremy's place for a year. Alex is a successful, high-powered businesswoman whose hobby—besides shopping and martial arts—is baking cupcakes. She and Brooklyn and Derek become good friends in The Book Stops Here, especially after Alex plays a small part in catching a killer.

Lisa and Henry Chung and children—Brooklyn's neighbors are originally from China. Their youngest son, six-year-old Tyler, has a crush on Brooklyn.

Austin Wainwright—Brooklyn's oldest brother, he runs the winery in Dharma. Robin has been in love with Austin since third grade.

Jackson Wainwright—Second oldest brother, he's in charge of the vineyards in Dharma, but so far, little else is known about Jackson.

Savannah Wainwright—She used to work at the winery in Dharma but moved to a farm in Point Reyes where she grew organic arugula to sell at the farmers' markets in the Bay Area. Recently, Savannah shaved her head (it suits her) and moved back to Dharma to open a gourmet vegetarian restaurant called Arugula. In A Cookbook Conspiracy, Savannah brings Brooklyn an old cookbook that sets the story in motion.

China Wainwright—Brooklyn's closest sister in temperament, China lives in Dharma, owns Warped, a knitting and fabric shop on the Lane. (Shakespeare Lane, the fashionable street in the center of town where all the best shops and restaurants are located, is currently the hottest destination in the Wine Country).

London Wainwright—Brooklyn's youngest overachieving sister, London lives a charmed life in Calistoga with her handsome physician/winemaker husband Trevor and their perfect twin babies, Chloe and Connor.

Charlemagne Cupcake Wainwright Stone, aka Charlie—Brooklyn and Derek are the proud new owners of an adorable white kitten. The kitten first appeared in A Cookbook Conspiracy.

Brooklyn on Pinterest

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