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The Secret Room

Join my mailing list to gain access to all The Secret Room has to offer! Contests, exclusive excerpts, word searches, book cover puzzles, and freebies such as autographed bookplates are just some of the fun exclusives you'll find. Your privacy is important to me, so I will never share your email address. And I won't email you too often—only when I have a new book on the shelves or for the occasional special announcement.

secret room
secret room

*or I'm not sure whether I'm already on it.


To thank my mystery fans for your loyalty and friendship, I'll choose a random member of my mailing list every month to receive an autographed book—but the only way to claim your prize before the deadline is to open my newsletters. I'll also hold other contests every few months (or sometimes more often), rewarding members of my mailing list with fun prizes, including:

Books (of course—mine, and books from other mystery authors I meet on book tour)
Jigsaw puzzles featuring my mystery book covers
Fixer-Upper pink measuring tapes
Bookish wedding favors from Brooklyn & Derek's wedding
Hand-bound journals, created by me for you
More fun stuff thought up just for you!

measuring tape


Join the mailing list to find out how to get an autographed bookplate from me! You'll also find maps, a family tree, and lots of other great bonus content. And I'll share bookmarks and paper patterns and other goodies here from time to time, as well.


Pictures that Inspired the Books

When you read the Bibliophile Mysteries, do you wish that you could see the places Brooklyn describes, or the books she's restoring? Now you can!


Sneak Peeks

Gain access to casts of characters and exclusive excerpts.



Word Search Puzzles
Using words from some of the books you love! Print them out, share with friends.

Wordsearch Puzzle

12 Changes Puzzles
Can you spot 12 changes in each Bibliophile Mystery cover?

10 Hammers Puzzles
Can you find 10 hammers on each Fixer-Upper Mystery cover?


Don't be nervous! I might not be much of a cook, but these recipes are so foolproof, even I can make them!